We’re an independent offshore agency based in Mumbai, and we develop products that move your brand forward.

Yes, we’re an outsourcing agency, but we’re more than just that. We are professionals who care about creating an impact, empowering businesses, and empowering people. 

People Matter

Our values define our approach,

Our approach defines our methods,

Our methods define our results.


We solve problems collaboratively. 

Servant Leadership

We lead by serving. 


We focus on excelling no matter the project or challenge.


We provide value through transparency.


We deliver results that grow.



Jeffrey Reed

Founder / Director

Jeff Reed is a Software Engineer & Tech Lead turned entrepreneur with 17 years of experience working amongst multi-national teams in insurance, pharmaceutical, finance, telecom, and local government sectors. His expertise includes utilisation of SAFe Agile methodology in 300+ sized IT groups, integrating cross-functional teams, mentoring and helping developers scale, knowledge of Modern Web and DevOps transformation. Jeff holds a Bachelors degree in Science (BS), Mathematics and Computer Science.

“We hire for character and train for skill” – Jeffrey Reed


Saju Joseph

Founder / Director

Saju Joseph is a certified AI Business Leader, Customer Engagement Engineer and Architect with 14 years of experience, working with leading brands in banking, retail, real-estate, beauty and manufacturing sectors. Saju has helped brands build Digital Engagement platforms and implement digital strategies for growth. He holds a bachelors degree in Computer Technology and Diploma in Business Management.

“Onboarding the right people is a key element, not only to start but grow a successful business” – Saju Joseph

Featured as ’10 Best Indian CEO’s to Esteem in 2022′ by


Our Team

The people that make it happen

Alokita Amanna

HR / Admin Manager

Madan Lal

Sr. Duck Creek Developer

Jayashri Kuckian

PM / Scrum Master

Jayesh Rangari

PM / Scrum Master

Prashant Pradhan

Sr. Software Engineer

Vibhanshu Rana

Sr. Full Stack Developer

Gaurav Sharma

Sr. Full Stack Developer

Jugal Rudani

Full Stack Developer

Sanjay Kumar

Front-End Developer

Neelam Vazirani

Full Stack Developer

David Rana

Full Stack Developer

Aseem Singh

Full Stack Developer

Hiren Nagaria

Full Stack Developer

Khushboo Deep

QA Tester

Kanchan Kadam

Full Stack Developer

Nisha Dighe

Full Stack Developer

Shubham Homkar

Full Stack Developer

Riya Suryawanshi

QA Tester

Preksha Bamania

Assistant HR

Chetankumar Dighe

QA Tester

Priyanka Sonare

Full Stack Developer