Our Vision

To serve as a reliable offshore technological partner, operating in a healthy agile environment, building trust and adding values to our clients.

Our Values

We are a team; a community that depends, motivates, and looks up to each other, bringing out the best in one another marked by authencity as well as humility and achieving more by working together.

We lead with others in mind, build people up instead of pulling them down, set an example and cultivate a culture of trust within the organization by caring and meeting the needs of others before self.

We strive for Excellence, focusing on our client’s success, consistently aspiring superior quality in our pursuits, and persistently and diligently working towards our goals regardless of the obstacles ahead.

We conduct ourselves with honesty, providing transparency across all functions, whether successes or failures, with no room for politics or hidden agendas as we are dedicated to accomplishing what’s best for our clients and our organization.

We foster an environment of sharing, learning and innovative thinking that enables us to grow as individuals and a company, striving to enhance processes, and methodologies to boost efficiency and quality.

Why India?






Jeffrey Reed

Director / Partner

Jeff Reed is a Software Engineer & Tech Lead turned entrepreneur with 17 years of experience working amongst multi-national teams in insurance, pharmaceutical, finance, telecom, and local government sectors. His expertise includes utilisation of SAFe Agile methodology in 300+ sized IT groups, integrating cross-functional teams, mentoring and helping developers scale, knowledge of Modern Web and DevOps transformation. Jeff holds a Bachelors degree in Science (BS), Mathematics and Computer Science.

Saju Joseph

Director / Partner

Saju Joseph is a certified AI Business Leader, Customer Engagement Engineer and Architect with 14 years of experience, working with leading brands in banking, retail, real-estate, beauty and manufacturing sectors. Saju has helped brands build Digital Engagement platforms and implement digital strategies for growth. He holds a bachelors degree in Computer Technology and Diploma in Business Management.

Services Offered

Agile & DevOps

Business Applications

AI & Automation

Website Development


Data Analytics

QA Testing

UI/UX Design

Software Development

Proven Product processes so you can focus on Vision and Strategy

By focusing on incremental changes through technology & organizational cultural development, we can help streamline your product development experience. Our offshore presence makes us uniquely suited to maximize the effectiveness of offshore teams, whether embarking upon a new offshore relationship or investing in an existing one. We champion cross-functional improvements such as:

  • Agile & Scrum best practices
  • DevOps security & automation
  • Code review

Koyal Technologies LLP

India Office:
Office Nos F123, F124, F125
1st Floor, Moongipa Arcade
Andheri Link Rd, D.N.Nagar,
Andheri West, Mumbai,
Maharashtra 400053

US Office:
SkillRev, LLC
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